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    Hello there, fellow wayfarer of the internet!

    My name is 27, the webmaster of this here site! Im a big fan of rain, old technology, space, and wizards. Right now I'm really into making websites and drawing, so this place really is acting as a tesing ground for the new skills I learn. Im currently working on mastering my Java and Python skills, and I aim to eventually make my own games! The are so many good ideas I have yet so many more skills I need to learn to actually act on any of them.

    Wwwizard was made through a quick phaze I had for pokemon, my obsession with cool looking wizards, and a burst of inspiration.

    A big thanks to my freinds for helping me come up with ideas!!! You guys are cool :D

    Check out my other website --> Wheeze Water

    Wizardlings (Friends/Website followers) --> Zimmy-Zip webpage Data-Ace webpage